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What is The Preservers?


The Preservers is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that offers in person and online Islamic Studies, Qur'an, and Leadership courses. Our goal is to give the modern Muslim access to timeless knowledge as a means of being empowered in knowledge and character for the greater good of one's self, society, and success in both lives. 

Our Core Values


the Quran with understanding


the Sunnah with application


the Ummah with service


Islam to the World with Love

The Preservers Team

Ust. Isa Ibn Matta

Co-Founder, CEO

Br. Zeeshan Parupia

Co-Founder, COO

Br. Fauzaan Mansoori

Co-Founder, Treasurer

Sr. Hibbah Khan

Administrative Assistant

Sr. Muntaha Sabir

Social Media Manager

Br. Abraham Neudorf


Preservers' Prize Team

Ust. Isa Ibn Matta

Director, Islamic Studies & Qur'an Instructor

Hz. Abdulahad Mohammed

Qur'an Instructor

Hz. Salman Ahmad

Qur'an Instructor

Hz. Abdulbaari Mohammed

Qur'an Instructor

Visionaries Team

Br. Zeeshan Parupia

Director, Teaching Assistant

Ust. Isa Ibn Matta

Lead Instructor

Br. Zohair Memon

MVP Coordinator, Teaching Assistant, Brothers' Coordinator

Sr. Hibbah Khan

Lead Teaching Assistant, MVP Mentor

Sr. Lujein Saleh

Teaching Assistant, Sisters' Coordinator

Br. Abraham Neudorf

Teaching Assistant, Alumni Relations

Advisory Board

Sh. Okasha Kameny

Islamic Studies & Qur'an

Dr. Iram Shaikh-Jilani

Education & Pedagogy

Br. Farzan Parupia

Marketing & Operations

Br. Abdullah Mamun


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