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Supporting The Preservers will be a pledge you will never forget, as the rewards of funding this project include knowing that you are securing your ākhirah by serving the inheritance of the Prophets; you are also securing the future of this Ummah, as The Preservers are able to, by way of your generous assistance, serve all who are in need of guidance and certainty in the religion, mental health advocacy and spiritual wellness coaching, leadership opportunities and training, and affordable, quality opportunities to learn the Qur’ān. We are only able to provide these essential services to the community through your donations.

We pray that your gift is sufficient as a proof of your faith. May it be a means for your purification, elevation, and acceptance. Allāh accept from us all. Āmīn.

All contributions are tax-deductible, and are made to, The Preservers, a 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID: 86-2133426

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Transforming Lives

"I can read Arabic far more fluently and accurately than I could two months ago"

- Mohammed, Read & Recite

Ustadh Isa's transformative classes leave a lasting impact on anyone who takes his classes Alḥamdulillāh."

- Aisha, Islam A to Z

“This course started my journey to learn more about the Prophet ‎ﷺ. It cultivated a love for Him ‎ﷺ that I won’t ever forget.”

- Farhan, A Ruby Among Pebbles

"Ever since I joined my life has changed for the better"

- Muhamad, Read & Recite

"Ustadh has a unique ability to tie it down to you personally so you can carry it for the rest of your life."

- Abdurrahman, Names of Allah

"Now I can actually read Qur'an properly without making any severe mistakes"

- Ayaan, Read

"This class was the answer and hope to my needs, not just in aspects of leadership, but also as a Muslimah, daughter, sister, student, and every role I play. Visionaries brought the practicality of Islam that I felt was lacking in my life."

- Noor, Visionaries Leadership Academy Graduate

"The academy follows a simple yet profound model that allows for deep understanding of concepts, and encourages collaboration amongst life long Visionaries."

 - Abdulahad, Visionaries Leadership Academy Graduate

"Learning the Tafseer of only a few passages from the Quran completely transformed the way I incorporated the Quran into my daily life."

- Ridaa, Tafsir & Tarbiyah